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Australian Fighting Championship

I don’t think this fight will go the distance

Melbourne’s Dane Beeby is quickly making a name for himself in a talent rich AFC Welterweight Division. Not only is he quickly scaling the ranks, he is winning himself a huge fan base by way of his high output style which thus far has generated exciting fights.

Last time out, Dane was lucky enough to earn a call up on the first AFC and Kunlun Fight MMA card, and it was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed:

“The AFC and Kunlun fight card was awesome fun. They really went all out with the displays, big screens and the promotional side of things. I thought it was a well-run event; great to be a part of”

On that night, Dane took on talented Muay Thai specialist Brock McRobb and to be honest Dane completely dominated the striking exchanges and sensationally finished Brock inside two rounds. That victory has been a huge confidence booster for Dane:

“The fight was good for me, I felt sharp, fast and really aware of what was going on so I was able to adapt when I needed to in there and it got me the win. Definitely felt confident the whole time”

A victory such as the one over Brock can often fall under the ‘career defining’ category. Big show, big opponent and big victory generally results in a big impact, and that’s exactly what’s occurred for Dane:

“Ah yeah, I guess, in a way, every win leaves an impression. Especially if you win in a dominant way, which I felt I did that night. If you lose a fight, but it’s a great fight, then I don’t feel like it matters all that much, as long as you both put on a show and gave it your all” 

Up next for Dane is XFC Australian Top Team protégé Darcy Balhas. Given Darcy is a new comer to the professional mixed martial arts scene, Dane doesn’t know a lot about him although is expecting a well-rounded fighter given his home base at XFC:

“I don’t have a lot of knowledge on him but I know he’s trained by the guys down at XFC so he’s gotta be decent”

Based on his amateur performances, Darcy is very well-rounded and will no doubt be a handful for Dane in the event he cant get on top of his less experienced opponent early on. Dane is not quite sure were he’ll be able to expose holes in Darcy’s game, but is confident he’ll eventually find then:

“It’s hard to say where there will be holes in his game if he’s well rounded, so I’ll just have to stay sharp and covered up and look for mistakes and holes in his game during the fight. It’s all part of the fun isn’t it ;)”

Given the styles of these two, the fight will indeed prove to be fun. Although Dane is all for having fun whilst in the cage, he’ll be looking to end this one early and in impressive fashion of course:

“[It will end] Either by K.O, TKO or submission. I don’t think this fight will go the distance. I want to finish it as quick as possible to keep moving up and Darcy will want to give a good first impression I believe”

With only a few days to go until show time, Dane is rounding out his preparation at Excel Martial Arts under the watchful eye of Kru Ando Williamson. For Dane, the fight camp has been excellent and he is ready to go come April 7:

“Training at Excel Martial Arts in Knoxfield with the fight team headed by Kru Ando Williamson as always leading up to the fight. Also been focusing on more jiu jitsu with Ivan Rakitic at UMA, which has been great. Key training training partners have been Adam Reinke, Justin Bretherick, Alex Gradwell, Ben Wade, Tim Cox and Ivan Rakitic”

So if all goes to plan, and Dane puts Darcy away in impressive fashion, he’ll sit back with his feet up and see how the main event unfolds between Anton Zafir and Theo Christakos for the AFC Welterweight Title. Dan of course hopes that sometime in the near future, he’ll be standing across the cage from the winner with that coveted strap on the line:

“Yeah I’ll definitely be watching that fight closely. I always pay attention to the guys that are fighting in my weight category, try and learn as much as possible and see fighters strengths and weaknesses etc. I’m excited for that fight too! Should be a cracker of a fight, but I think Anton might have the slight edge and come home with the gold. But this is MMA and it’s very hard to predict things, so we will see. Gonna be a great night I’m looking forward to it, I’m sure everyone else will be too”

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Article by Josh Warner AFC

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