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Australian Fighting Championship

KLF Kunlun Fights – Interview with Adam Milankovic

Following the recent announcement of a historic partnership between the Australian Fighting Championship and KLF Kunlun Fights, a partnership that promises to change the landscape of global combat sports, AFC CEO Adam Milankovic was invited to Kunlun 64. KLF certainly didn’t disappoint as the fight card included a raft of blockbuster fights and spectacular finishes. Siting at ringside, Adam was thrilled with professionalism of the promotion and quality of fights.

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Whilst in China, Adam was interviewed by the KLF team; the interview has already received over 350,000 views and will be released in Australian in the coming days. Below is a transcript of the interview between Adam and KLF:

Kunlun – Could you introduce to the fans in China about AFC events?

Adam – AFC has been running events for 7 years in Australia now and have established ourselves in Australia as the number one MMA promotion.

Kunlun – What brings you the idea to collaborate with KLF? What do you think of KLF?

Adam – KLF are the biggest promotion through out the whole of China and are recognised around the world as one of the biggest and best leading kickboxing promotions and brands. This is exciting for combat sport in Australia as AFC has had a big influence on the MMA circuit and with the continuous growth of the combat sport in Australia working in joint venture with KLF we will definitely change the platform of combat sports in Australia!

Kunlun – What do you think of KLF founder Jiang Hua?

Adam – Jiang Hua from what I can see is very passionate in what he does, he has vision and has taken that vision and has achieved so much so far and is a true leader and role model in the world of combat sports.

Kunlun – What do you think of Raymond Luo & Ted Yang?

Adam – I think Raymond and Ted have done an amazing job on what they have achieved. They have a passion and a vision to where they want to go. To date they have built a brand and info structure and with that I’m sure their achievements are endless. I am honoured to be able to work along side them this coming October.

Kunlun – Except for running the events in joint venture, what other areas do you expect to explore with KLF?

Adam – I’m just overall excited to be able to have AFC share the stage with KLF and am open minded to were it can lead to. I’m looking forward to October and I’m sure after great success there will be many more exciting opportunities with KLF that I’m looking forward to.

Kunlun – Which fight match interest you the most this time in KLF 64 Chongqing?

Adam – Chinese female fighter Wang Kehan excites me most with her KO power and it will be a great fight against Laetitia Madjene from France.

Kunlun – Which fighter excites you the most?

Adam – With 69 wins and 34 by way of knockout, Arthur Kyshenko is dominating his division at the moment and find him hard to beat and excited to watch him fight! I’d love to see him come to Australia in October to fight.

In the coming weeks, details will be released in relation to the co-promoted fight show between the AFC and KLF in October. This will be a historic event for numerous reasons, namely two combat sports super powers coming together to put on a show of the likes of which the world has never seen before. Get ready combat sports fans, the platform is about to change!

Article by Josh Warner AFC

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