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Australian Fighting Championship

I’m hoping to land one of my fists on his chin

The AFC’s prodigal son Mikey Vaoutta will return to the promotion on October 28 as he looks to continue his stellar rise through the AFC ranks on route to that elusive title shot. Riding a wave of momentum Mikey is primed to show the world he is the next big thing in the sport of mixed martial arts.

But before we focus on October 28, lets rewind the clock to AFC China earlier this year. On that night, Mikey put forth a career defining performance when he dispatched Yuefi Zhao in what can only be described as dominating fashion. Coming into the event knowing that nothing short of a ‘W’ would do, coupled with the added pressure of performing on an international martial arts platform, Mikey shut his opponent out in my opinion put on his best performance to date:

“Yeah felt good being dominant in that fight; would have liked to have striked a bit with him more as I heard he was a striker but just hard when they backing up running away lol; but just good to get another win in the bag”

As Mikey accurately reflected, his opponent on the night seemed intent to not engage in a striking exchange and spent a lot of the fight backtracking. However, in true warrior style, Mikey hunted him down and when the opportunity arose finished the fight in ultra impressive fashion:

“Well to be honest I just remember him backing up most of the fight every now and then throwing a few punches or kicks, he did throw a head kick that I blocked but I give him that one was a pretty solid kick but other then that he didn’t do much in the striking. I should have cut him off a bit more and threw a bit more feints to get in and land a big shot but when I got that opportunity I got him down transitioned to side control, landed like 15 elbows to his head and then took his back to get the choke so I’m happy, I played what was in front of me to get the finish”

Although Mikey’s fighting spirit can never be questioned, the results he has been able to achieve historically have not accurately reflected just how talented a martial artist he is. Coming into this fight, the pressure was well and truly on Mikey and where some athletes buckle under the pressure, Mikey well and truly rose to the occasion and he truly believes the best is yet to come:

“Well yeah I’m glad to be on a winning streak now and I feel like I’m only getting started to be honest…I’ve always loved to fight but the great thing is now that I’ve picked up my ground and wrestling I feel like a well rounded fighter now the best is definitely coming believe that!”

A fighter’s life is filled with many obstacles and regular structured training can often be hard to maintain. Whilst Mikey focuses on building a business empire, his training has not wavered and he’ll return to familiar territory to prepare for his showdown on October 28:

“Well since my last fight I have been a busy man not necessarily with fighting but with my business so I was working like 80% training 20% but since taking on this fight 6 weeks ago it’s been exactly what I needed. It feels like I’m having my first fight again; still training my ground with Tiago Ferreira at Gracie Shark and then mixing it up sparring and doing MMA with Ross Pearson and the boys at his gym Central Coast MMA and just training with whoever. Haven’t really gotten to Lions High Performance to train as I’ve just been really busy but they still my team and family always!”

Not one to back down from a challenge, Mikey’s fight on October 28 will be a monumental one at that. Whilst most people hide away or dodge potential fights with for UFC fighter and Chinese standout Zhang Lipeng, Mikey did the exact opposite and was quick to assure AFC CEO Adam Milankovic that he wanted this fight. Mikey now has the opportunity to prove to the world that he can take on the best in the business and bring them down:

“To be honest I haven’t watched any of his fights but I do know he fought in the UFC, is China’s #1 ranked fighter, is on a good winning record and is well rounded and good for him. But when those doors close in the cage and we looking at each other about to go at it those stats will mean shit to me… I’m making sure I’ll be 100% ready for war so let’s get it Lipengdeeze”

In a few of the contemporary fight categories, Mikey will no doubt be giving up the advantage, but that really means very little to the ‘Samoan Warrior’ whom is pretty confident he knows where his core advantage lies:

“On the feet! I’m hoping to land one of my fists on his chin…but if he tries to get me down (goodluck) I’ll just get back up”

October 28 will mark the coming together of two powerful MMA promotions in the AFC and Kunlun Fight. This will be nothing short of a historic card and Mikey is stoked to be right in the middle of it, however his aspirations far exceed October 28:

“I wanna fight for that title…I want to get my cut to 70kg on point and then yeah I’m coming for that title” 

So Mikey’s fight with Lipeng is huge and will potentially have title ramifications; but on the same night UFC and PRIDE veteran Sokoudjou will battle Jamie Abdallah for the AFC Light Heavyweight Title. Mikey can’t decide who will walk away with the strap, he just having for a god ol’ scrap:

“That Should be a good fight; as long as it’s a war and they put on a show then ‘May the best man win’”

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