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Australian Fighting Championship

I felt like I couldn’t do anything wrong that night

Karate Black Belt Dane Beeby walked into AFC 21 fully appreciating the gravity of the situation that confronted him. Competing on the first AFC and Kunlun Fight MMA Card against a stellar Muay Thai practitioner provided him with an opportunity to show that he could mix it up with Australia’s elite martial artists, and without a shadow of a doubt that’s exactly what he did!

Dane genuinely enjoyed his time on the AFC / Kunlun Cage, and his performance showed:

“The fight was awesome, had a ball in there. Got to go toe to toe with Brock, which was interesting because I knew he had a decent stand up game so when we started trading shots I was confident I was getting the better of him. Second round he came in hard so instead of taking the chance of copping another one of his hard fists to my face, I covered up, dropped in low and bucked his leg for a takedown which went very smoothly. I felt I couldn’t do any wrong during the fight and was confident from the start of the first round”

As Dane alluded to, Brock is a scary striker and pre fight many thought that Dane would struggle to exchange with such a dangerous striker. But alas, from the first bell Dane’s punch and kick combinations confused Brock and threw his off his game allowing the Karate practitioner to land the harder, cleaner and more precise shots:

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.58.54 pm

“Brock had the typical type of Muay Thai based stand up, which was good for me as I always spar with a lot of guys who train solely Muay Thai so a lot of his movement wasn’t very different to what I’m used to trading shots with. The only thing about him that surprised me was the power he had in his shots, he hit my with a solid straight right, dead centre of my forehead, which I could imagine if it was on the chin, would have definitely done some damage haha. And I think it was a nice right hook that left a nice lump on the side of my head which is still a bit swollen nearly a week on”

Having performed so well in the striking exchanges has provided Dane with an extra level of confidence and given him a level of self-assurance that he can stand and trade with any Welterweight in the Country. In addition, all of Dane’s future opponents will now be cautious of not only his strong ground game but also is ability to bust people up with diverse strikes:

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.59.06 pm

“Well I’ve always been very confident in my striking but it was good to actually go back and forth with a Muay Thai specialist so to speak, and I felt stronger, faster, fitter and more elusive, no disrespect to Brock. He is an awesome striker so after the fight it’s safe to say I felt pretty confident”

So after a monumentally successful first round, many expected Dane to continue with the same striking tactic in round 2. But as the better martial artists do, Dane completely adapted his approach as the fight evolved and set up a perfect takedown successfully getting Brock to the ground:

“So early in the second I’m guessing his corner gave him the strategy to push the pace and I saw Brock come in with intention to do some damage I managed to time my shoot perfectly as he was coming in with strikes, to easily take him down and work from there. I didn’t change my tactic but merely adapted to what he was throwing at me”

After getting the fight to the ground Dane was able to assume complete control. After peppering Brock with a few punches he transitioned to back control and quickly locked in the fight ending rear naked choke. The feeling of victory was so sweet for Dane:

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.59.32 pm

“It was an awesome feeling getting the win on the night, I trained my ass off for it as I always do but like I said, I felt I couldn’t do anything wrong that night so I think I wowed some people with my performance in there. I took the fight everywhere and felt I dominated it in all aspects”

I tend to completely agree with Dane; his performance on the night will no doubt have garnered the attention of other Welterweights in Australia and abroad. So the question remains, what’s next…?

“What’s next? More! Haha. Just want to get back in there again and mix it up with someone else and show I’m a very worthy opponent for some top contenders in the future. Doesn’t matter who I fight, as long as it has the potential to be a good show whatever I’m given I’m happy with. I’ll do my best and fight to the best of my ability” 

Article by Josh Warner – AFC

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