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Australian Fighting Championship

He better be ready to brawl!

Stu Dare will make his long awaited return to the AFC on March 17 when he takes on Glenn Sparv for the AFC Middleweight Title. It’s been over 2 years since AFC fans have seen Stu in the promotion, and during that period he has been working tirelessly to instil himself as one of the best Middleweight’s in the Country… not suprisingly that’s exactly what he has been able to achieve.

Stu’s return to the promotion will coincide with a Middleweight title shot. Past champions Rob Wilkinson and Israel Adesanya have worn the Middleweight belt and that has elevated them to #1 status and a call up from the UFC; safe to say Stu anticipates a similar position and call should he capture the title in Perth:

“I’m coming back for the title shot. Winning the AFC belt will put me at number 1 which is where I want to be”

When fans witnessed Stu fight during his initial run in the AFC, they were introduced to a relentless fighter who had the innate ability to literally break his opponent and beat them into submission. Stu implemented a game plan that suffocated his opponent and wore them down, at which time Stu was all too happy to find a devastating finish. Since that initial run Stu has continued to refine his game and get better in the areas in which he was already very capable, and he’s looking forward to showing AFC fans just how far he has come:

“I never stop working, fighting is what I do. I have kept busy and put together some good wins. The tumbleweed doesn’t rest and I will be back on March 17th to show that”

When the Middleweight Title Fight with Glenn Sparv was announced, Stu immediately took to social media and stated “when they need someone to punch on with the toughest guys they can find, they call me”. This is reminiscent of Stu’s someone gate keeper status in the division and match makers all over the world know that when they call Stu, he comes to fight:

“[They call me] because I don’t pad my record and I don’t fight because I like the attention, I fight because I love to fu*ken fight. I don’t care who it is, where it is or which show it’s on, you keep lining them up I will keep punching them in the face. I only want to fight the guys above me in the rankings”

If Stu wants to fight the toughest guys, he’ll get his wish on March 17 in the form of Finland powerhouse Glenn ‘Teddy Bear’ Sparv. Glenn is on an absolute tear at the moment finishing opponents and winning titles all over the world. Even with this hype, Stu doesn’t really have a clue who Glenn is:

“Glenn Sparv? Never heard of her”

On paper, these two look pretty evenly matched. Both martial artists have excellent take down offence and relentless ground ‘n’ pound. They have also proven that they have natural sleeping pills in their hands and aren’t afraid to stand in the pocket and trade!

So in a contest where the combatants are so evenly matched, one may ponder where exactly the keys to victory will be located. In Stu’s case, he knows exactly how he’ll get the ‘W’:

“By bashing him! I get taken down every day by Priscus Fogagnolo and I still get up, what’s this bloke reckon he can do that I haven’t seen before?”

As a result of Stu’s ‘just bash him’ approach to this fight, he isn’t intimidated nor threatened by anything that Glenn will potentially bring to the cage. Furthermore, Stu believes he’ll have the advantages no matter where the fight ends up:

“On my feet, off my back, against the cage, it’s not going to matter. A fights a fight and anything can happen, all I know is that I will be there from start to finish and he better be ready to brawl”

This sort of confidence can only be derived from stellar preparation and a solid support crew, both of which Stu has. Working with some of the baddest guys in Australian Martial Arts under the tutelage of some veteran minds is the recipe the Stu hopes will ultimately bring him success and the Gold that comes with it:

“Preparing at home and in Melbourne. Priscus Fogagnolo, Rob Wilkinson, Jimmy Crute and Kahn Sandy have been my training partners for this camp” 

The Middleweight Title Fight will form the co-main event of the AFC’s first venture to Perth, Western Australia. In what promises to be an historic card packed full of the best martial artists from Australia and abroad, Stu is somewhat chuffed to not only be included, but to be filling a headline role:

“I was glad the AFC called and offered the fight. I have fought for them before and was happy to do it again, especially for the title. It will be good to headline the card and put on a show”

So the time for talking is almost over; and in about 4 weeks’ time Stu Dare and Glenn Sparv will more than likely beat the living hell out of each other. The winner will not only earn the AFC Middleweight Title, they’ll also take the mantle as the #1 Middleweight in the Country. For Stu, winning the Gold will be oh so sweet, but it’s safe to say he has other aspirations in mind as well…

“It means I will be the next middleweight signed to the UFC and I will finally get to bash Hector Lombard”

Tickets are on sale now:

Article by Josh Warner – AFC

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