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Australian Fighting Championship

AFC 18 Results

The Australian Fighting Championship made its monumental debut in Xi’an, China on 14 and 15 April 2017. Exciting fights, packed arenas and an atmosphere that mere words simply cant do justice. The AFC came, they saw and they well and truly delivered.

Quick results for the fight cards on 14 and 15 April are provide below:

Friday 14 April – Xi’an China

Masoumeh Toghan defeated Zhou Lin by Majority Decision.

Entertaining fight that introduced the AFC to a ruckus Chinese crowd. Both martial arts were quick and accurate on their feet, and both enjoyed moments of dominance during striking exchanges. A 1-point deduction to Lin for a strike to the back of the head really cost her and as a result Toghan claimed a majority decision victory.

Rusulan uulu Emilbek defeated Amin Yaqubi by TKO in Round 1.

Youth vs. experience in this one, and on this occasion it was Emilbek who was able to out manoeuvre Yaqubi on the ground before claiming mount and raining down punches until the referee called an end to the fight.

Glenn Sparv defeated Yuki Sasaki by TKO in Round 1.

Pure dominance as Sparv quickly took the ultra experienced Sasaki to the ground and landed some massive punches leaving the referee no choice but to wave it off after only 30 odd seconds. After a performance of this nature, one can only hypothesise that reigning AFC Middleweight Champ Rob Wilkinson may have just found a serious contender.

Xiao Long defeated Chris Wase by Unanimous Decision.

Potentially fight of the night as two legitimate contenders in the Bantamweight division battled it out for 3 action packed rounds. The striking exchanges were relatively even, and Chris came close to locking in a submission on numerous occasions; however it was the ground control of Long that earned the eventual Unanimous Decision victory.

Mikey Vaotuua defeated Zhao Yufei by Submission (RNC) in Round 2.

Mikey wanted to make a statement, and he well and truly did in this one! Mikey controlled the striking exchanges, landed the more impactful blows, took the fight to the ground when he wanted and found the RNC when the opportunity arose. Lightweight division, take notice!

Kaan Ofli defeated Munehiro Fujita by Submission (Bulldog Choke) in Round 2.

Kaan too was looking to make a real statement, and once again mission accomplished. Kaan was a legitimate beast on the ground and battered his opponent for one and a half dominant rounds before securing a bulldog choke (the 2nd of his career) and thus claiming a very important victory as he recommences his climb towards Featherweight Gold.

Sokoudjou defeated Marcelo Tenorio by TKO in Round 1.

Wow! Sokoudjou is a very dangerous martial artist and in just over 30 seconds he showed the crowd in the AFC Arena just what he is capable of! Marcelo started well throwing a body kick and superman punch, Sokoudjou then clinched and it seemed Marcelo pulled guard as the fight went to the ground. That’s where Sokoudjou took over; he delivered some vicious ground and pound splitting Tenorio open badly and earning the TKO Victory.

Sokoudjou and reigning AFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jamie Abdallah then shared some tense words before AFC CEO Adam Milankovic confirmed that the two would meet for the strap later this year!


Saturday 15 April – Xi’an China

Mohammad Issa Poursalamati defeated Jiang Kefeng by Submission in Round 1.

 Renowned for his kickboxing skills (evident by the K1 tattoo on the back of his calves), Poursalamati was expected to come out assert himself in the striking department. Although he somewhat did this, it was his takedown ability and submission skills that would eventually earn him victory in the first round.

John Mitchell defeated Wu Chenglin by TKO in Round 1.

Another contender emerged in the Middleweight division after AFC 18 as John Mitchell put a real beat down on Wu Chenglin forcing a stoppage in the first round. John’s Thai clinch and devastating knees turned the fight in his favour early on, and he relentless strikes eventually opened up a decent gash on his opponents face, and that was curtains.

Tetsuya Seki defeated Nikos Trepca by TKO in Round 3.

This was a very entertaining fight between two young bulls with incredibly bright futures. Both martial artists landed clean strikes, and enjoyed moments of control in the clinch, however it was Seki’s ability to continually avoid the takedown that wore his opponent down and when the opportunity arose he unleashed a barrage of punches forcing the referee to wave this one off in the 3rd round.

Peter Davenport defeated Harris Norwood by TKO in Round 2.

The Bulldog is back! Davenport came to China and delivered a systematic beating to his game American opponent displaying complete control on the ground. As tough as Harris was, after a round and a half with Peter’s gloves continually in his face, he succumbed to the pressure giving Peter the 1st of what he hopes is a string on wins.

Arlene Blencowe defeated Rhiannon Thompson by TKO in Round 1.

Rhiannon may be the tornado, however Arlene blew right through her opponent at AFC 18 delivering a striking master class before claiming the TKO victory in Round 1. Hard to doubt Arlene’s status as the best female martial artist in this Country, only question is… who’s next?

Zhu Jun defeated Seonuk Do by TKO in Round 2.

The Chinese crowd were absolutely deafening during this fight literally screaming Jun’s name for the duration. Every time he landed a strike (which was frequent) the crowd went absolutely bananas which just seemed to spur the Chinese fighter on. Jun’s accuracy and pressure eventually become too much for his opponent who failed to answer the judges call at the end of the second round thus giving the home town favourite a well deserved victory.

Issac Hardman defeated James Bishop by TKO in Round 2 to win the AFC Lightweight Championship.

This fight was everything that a title fight should be! There was pinpoint and diverse striking, technical scrambling and excellent evasion where necessary. Bishop’s game plan was obvious as was Issac’s, and both enjoyed moments where there game plan came to fruition. For Bishop, he was able to get hold of Issac on numerous occasions and even scored a takedown with the intent to release some ground and pound. As for Issac, he quickly found his range and frequently connected with Bishop, it felt like he didn’t miss no matter what the angle. The decisive moment came when Issac landed a flush elbow that opened a large cut on Bishop’s head; the cut was large enough to immediately end the fight and with that ladies and gentleman we have a new Lightweight Champion and his name is Issac ‘The Headsplitter’ Hardman.


Article by Josh Warner AFC

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